by Fisti Kuffs + MC Lars

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Fisti Kuffs and MC Lars come together to raise money for a really really good cause. It turns out if you bug a international artist enough he'll help you out to raise a few quid for charity. Massive thanks to MC Lars for his time and effort with this.




It's your life what you gonna do
You're like a nice dream
Like ice cream too
99 but you're no flake
Stay true to yourself when everything seems fake

If life's a beach let's bathe in it
Jump in the water though your trunks don't fit
Some people suck and don't understand
If there's a wasp in your beer don't through away the can

Push aside the emotional wreckage
This is a matter of urgency
Make someone smile and they'll never forget it
Making music making memories

It's your life make it your own
God or Satan don't get dibs on your soul
Forget our neanderthal ancestry and join the 21st century

Warp 9.5 to the final frontier
You'll find your heroes and your heroines here
Dare to dream and fantasise
Don't be bound by the ties of life

I’m a raconteur stacking racks on tour
Making friends everywhere in this whole darn world
And I’ve got to give it up to Fisti Kuffs
because they’ve always got my back when life is tough
Been drama free since 93
And my first guitar, well it spoke to me,
Then I made a few beats, and wrote a few flows
Now I’ve played like almost 1,000 shows
got a ticket to rhyme and I catch mad wreck
But I’m on my last leg like McCartney’s ex
That may have been mean, what did you expect
I kill it on the track, say peace then jet!
I like my rappers black and my trackers fast
when I torrent Game of Thrones while I’m making tracks
So call me a nerd and call me a geek
My future is bright and your future is bleak
I’m a fly nice g drinking Thai ice tea
With a spicy boo ‘cause she’s good to me
And I love her so much that I want to shout
I feel so alive when we bump No Doubt
Make life your own, don’t be depressed
Your life is good, so don’t be stressed
I’m a fly caucasian for all occasions
Lectures, clubs, in many nations
So don’t be a chump like Donald Trump
Don’t blame Obama if your life is in a slump
Like Cesar Milan you got to be the pack leader
Don’t drink and drive like Justin Bieber
I know this verse is 32 bars,
but I’m almost done and I’ve made it this far
Don’t be a jerk bro, that’s my point,
So come on Fisti Kuffs let’s rock this joint!


released July 3, 2016
Music by Fisti Kuffs
Lyrics by Fisti Kuffs + MC Lars
Mixxed by Amblin Man Studios



all rights reserved


Fisti Kuffs UK

To boldly Fist where no one has Kuff'd before....

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